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Marine Branch



The insurance vocation of the Martelli family and Martelli Porsenna & Patrone Srl has its roots in the marine branch, i.e. in the coverage of all types of goods subject to transfer by sea, land, air and insurance for the protection of pleasure boats.

Uninterrupted insurance vocation, for a hundred years.

One hundred years to gain an in-depth knowledge of the national and international insurance market and therefore of the main actors that animate this market, the insurance companies.

One hundred years to listen, anticipate and make the needs and requirements of the companies that are interested in the goods entrusted to the transport operators their own, together with the responsibilities they also assume in carrying out their professional services.

One hundred years to identify and predict the risks that the variety of products, based on origin and nature, may face in the multiple stages of transport in which it is engaged and to constantly update the study of the covers and the development of clauses and insurance conditions necessary for the best security of the goods.

One hundred years to confirm the constant consolidation of the relationships of ever renewed mutual professional and human esteem between our family and our Company and the companies that we have the responsibility to accompany in this sector, so strategic for the well-being of the entrepreneur.

1919 – 2019: from the Martelli family to the Martelli Porsenna & Patrone Srl.

The first hundred years of insurance consultancy.

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