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Non Marine Branch


To meet the consequent and connected needs of the transport sector, the tradition of our family has also been transferred to the other insurance branches, keeping the same professional philosophy unchanged.

Our company has built and developed insurance solutions capable of adapting in a “tailored” form to the problems of the various commercial and industrial activities of our customers.

All this has been possible through the drafting of specific “wordings” developed in exclusive collaboration with leading insurance companies that allow us to offer the best guarantees, extensions and contractual specifications aimed at protecting and preventing in a widespread way the requests and needs of the market.

This contract is subject to continuous verification and updating to keep up with the insurance problems that globalization has made in continuous and rapid evolution.

The appreciation received for our services to companies has led many of our interlocutors to ask us to take care of their personal needs as well. With the same spirit that guided us towards our “corporate clients”, we have therefore developed insurance coverage aimed at improving the protection of people, families and the assets connected to them.

We are therefore in a position today to be able to provide the best advice both in the business / corporate sectors (all risks, liability, credit, sureties, finance) and for the coverage that affects people (accidents, health, life, tangible assets and life responsibilities private).

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